“About Us Core Team”

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University (IGDTUW) emerged as an independent University in May 2013. It is South Asia's first women's technical university, ranked 2nd among top 10 emerging engineering institutes of India.

Innerve is the annual technical festival of IGDTUW. Spanning two days, it comprises of technical events , competitions and seminars in the fields of computer sciences, electronics and mechanics, as well as many interesting informal events to keep attendees engaged throughout the day.It will take place on 6-7th October,2017. We look forward to your participation in this techno gala!

Nidhi Singla
Since she is good at decision making and has an assertive nature, Nidhi holds the position of the Student Convenor of Innerve 2017. She stays calm in demanding situations and prides herself on never missing deadlines.

Aditi is the co-convenor and has stepped up to the challenge of working with the team to organise the technical fest. She is diligent and honest in her work and quick to take action in the time of crisis. She believes in the capabilities of her team.

Technical Team
Shriya Malhotra
Working for Innerve is very exciting for Shriya as there are many challenges which inspires her to work hard, hence the workaholic nature. She is a voracious reader, a Potterhead and loves to code. She likes meeting new people and learn from them.

Technical Team
Gitanjali Sharma
Gitanjali is an enthusiastic learner, developer and a passionate reader. She has a deep love for coding and a great interest in developing web applications as well. Being an optimistic person, she always tries to find out the good in the bad.

Technical Team
Tanya Agarwal
Tanya holds the position of the core member in the ECE Tech Events of Innerve 2017. She is a dedicated person and enjoys reading. She plans to make this fest educative and enjoyable and looks forward to an enthusiastic participation this year.

Technical Team
Neha is a good learner, enthusiastic, hardworking and passionate. She likes to manage tasks and puts her best efforts in completing tasks. She is really creative about ideas and wants to learn more and more from others. Good at handling tricky situations.

Website Team
Nidhi Wadhwa
Nidhi is well versed with the knowledge of different computer languages. To add on to this, she has special interest in web design work. She is a hardworking person and strongly believes that together as a team, great milestones can be achieved.

Website Team
Vipasha Dhiman
Vipasha has a great passion for technology. She is a full stack developer. Apart from web development, she has a sound knowledge of C,C++, Python and Android Development. She likes to teach and believes in team development.

Informal Events Team
Anushka Garg
Anushka’s energy introduces her before she herself does. A confident, creative thinker and a clear communicator who knows how to execute difficult tasks with precision, she is a people person who is always enthusiastic about taking new challenges.

Sponsorship Team
Aakarshita Tiwari
Being a sponsorship core requires a lot of hard work, leadership skills, convincing power and decisiveness. Aakarshita believes in team work and as the leader, she tries to guide her team in the best way possible. She is dedicated towards her work and enjoys it.

Human Resources Team
Sheetal Jain
Sheetal is a strategic planner with the ability to execute management decisions at a quick pace and with high precision. She possesses a sense of right and wrong and is quick with numbers as they have always fascinated her. She has good problem solving abilities.

Human Resources Team
Diksha Ranjan
Diksha is team oriented, sensible and a very good listener.She is a hard working and focused individual. Being ethical has always been very important to her and this year, she is determined to take Innerve to new heights.

Human Resources Team
Ananya Dabas
Ananya loves to eat, sleep and read – being able to repeat the first two all day. She doesn’t know what the future has to offer, but she knows she will make the most of of it. She is an optimistic individual, with a desire to make a difference in the society.

Public Relations Team
Nikita Maurya
Nikita Maurya, is an optimistic and down to earth person. She is helpful and is dedicated to making this year’s edition of Innerve an even bigger success than last year’s .Responsible and enthusiastic, she is working hard for the publicity of the fest.

Public Relations Team
Kritika Airy
As the PR Head, she aims to make Innerve reach a wider audience and create positive ripples all around. With her leadership, team spirit, sense of responsibility and determination, she hopes to lead her team in an efficient manner.

Creative Team
Veena Rawat
The work Veena does is precise and attractive. She is a mature and candid person who has no lack of integrity. Everyday she strives to improve herself and her skills. She has worked a lot in Photoshop. She always takes responsibility for her actions.

Creative Team
Jyoti Meena
Jyoti, currently pursuing architecture, is a person with a lot of creative skills and likes to keep on learning. She also likes to explore new places and opportunities. She believes that progress in one’s talents only comes with hard work and focus. 

Media and Content Team
Damini Singh
Besides correcting other people’s grammar, she enjoys reading, dancing and wants to develop a connoisseur level understanding and admiration for food. In her spare time, she likes to write and watch Star Wars. She is ambitious, intuitive and broad minded.